About Us

Home is the one place where life’s most memorable events happen. A child’s first steps. Celebrations with family and friends. It’s the one place we rush to with good news and the refuge we take when times are tough. We’re so passionate about helping people find their one place, we started a revolution. Welcome to Revolution Mortgage, your one place to find the lowest fees, best rates and the most personalized service.

What We Believe

Revolution Mortgage was founded on the belief that a loan is much more than a transaction. It’s deeply personal. What can I afford? Who is looking at my private financial information? Are my unique circumstances being considered? Can a national lender really know all of the nuances of my local market? In an increasingly digital world, these questions are often ignored. Loan decisions are made by algorithms rather than people and delivered via form letters rather than conversations. We take a different approach.

What We Do

We think qualifying for a loan isn’t as simple as a yes or a no. It’s how can we help? And with more than 50 years of collective experience helping Central Ohioans secure loans, we have the financing expertise and neighborhood know-how to do just that. If there is a way to get you qualified, we will find it, for the lowest fees, at the best rates.

Who We Are

We are a locally owned, direct lender with strong ties to the community and a thorough knowledge of the market. Because we do everything in-house, we are able to be more flexible during the approval process. Without a third-party broker to deal with, we are able to keep our fees lower and our service faster. And when you have questions, your personal loan officer is here to help.

Whether you’re buying or refinancing, we have mortgage products tailor-made for our communities and personalized to fit your needs. Welcome to the revolution!

Leadership Team

Tony Grothouse

CEO and Co-Founder

To be CEO of a successful company requires more than hard-earned experience and expertise. A leader must be able to apply lessons learned from the past to a new vision for the future. After more than a decade of working at the national level in the financial services and mortgage lending industries, Tony became convinced that the best way to provide consumers with an exceptional buyer journey was to lend directly to buyers from hometown experts who have a stake in their community.
He began by recruiting the best and brightest in Central Ohio. Professionals who shared his vision for providing personalized service and mortgage products tailor-made to local buyers and refinancers. In late 2018, he co-founded Revolution Mortgage with a handpicked leadership team, including Tim Johnson as President/COO and Co-founder, Dave Lukacsko as Director of Operations and Co-Founder and Joe Frank as Director of Sales. Together, they have set out to revolutionize mortgage lending in Central Ohio and beyond.

Tim Johnson

President/COO and Co-founder

Is it possible to eat, sleep and breathe mortgages? It is if your name is Tim Johnson. Since the early 2000s, Tim has been immersed in the mortgage industry, working at some of today’s most well-known national lenders to help buyers and refinancers fulfill their dreams.
After more than a decade of working for other people, he was approached by Tony Grothouse, a likeminded colleague who was on a mission to provide a local, direct lending alternative to brokerages and national banks. In late 2018, they and co-founders Joe Frank and Tim Johnson launched Revolution Mortgage in the belief that a local business is not only a great supporter of the community, but also a great neighbor to know when making the financial decision of a lifetime.

Dave Lukacsko

Director of Operations and Co-Founder

There has to be a better way. Since the beginning of his career as a loan officer at a national bank, Dave found himself repeating those words often. Instead of being forced to follow strict lending guidelines, what if he could be more flexible in the approval process? Instead of treating all borrowers as a set of numbers measuring risk, what if he could evaluate their applications on a more personal level? The opportunity to provide a more consumer-responsive approach to mortgage lending would soon present itself, but it was one that he and a few of his colleagues would have to create for themselves.
Dave and his partners began planning their ideal business model—a community-based, direct-to-consumer lender that would provide them with greater freedom to make their own loan decisions based on their years of experience and deep local roots. In late 2018 they co-founded Revolution Mortgage to be the company they always wanted to work for because it is the kind of company Central Ohio consumers have always been looking for.

Joe Frank

Director of Sales and Co-Founder

If you want it done right, do it yourself. That’s the conclusion Joe and a few of his colleagues reached whenever they discussed creating a better experience for homebuyers and refinancers. And after more than 15 years of service in the mortgage lending industry, Joe knew more than a thing or two about what it takes to make the American dream come true for borrowers.
Together, he and his colleagues rolled up their sleeves and got to work. In November of 2018, they co-founded Revolution Mortgage as a direct lending company that provides Central Ohio consumers with personalized service, local lending expertise and products that best fit the needs of the hometown market.
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