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Cary, North Carolina

Let's make moves

Let's make moves

Be different

We want to create a collaborative and meaningful lending experience for you. We’re going to revolutionize the industry standards and give you a different kind of experience you’ll love.

That's how we're making moves.

We’ll walk you through each step and we promise, you’ll love it.

Revolution Mortgage Home

How to buy a home

1 Apply

We'll take a peek at your profile and let you know what type of loan you qualify for.

2 Pre-approval

We'll provide a pre-approval letter that shows exactly how much you're approved to borrow.

3 Search

Find an expert realtor to set you up on an MLS search, take you to showings and when you're ready, they can draft up your offer.

4 Sign & close

Once you're in contract, we'll walk you through the loan process until your loan is cleared to close and ready to sign all the paper work for your new home!

for a

Step one
Buying or refinancing your home? Choose an option and get a quote.
Sharon Peters, NMLS 1937831
Cary, NC
Dalton Scearce, NMLS 2229613
Cary, NC
Kyle Clifton, NMLS 1488005
Cary, NC
Diane Rose Kinlaw, NMLS 1600777
Cary, NC
Elaine Clifton, NMLS 1456009
Cary, NC
Kelly Thoman, NMLS 1957276
Cary, NC
Jennifer Johns, NMLS 69646
Cary, NC
Larry Dugger, NMLS 60672
Cary, NC
April Roberts, NMLS 66343
Cary, NC
Thomas Rosciano, NMLS 63748
Cary, NC


Step two
Find a loan officer or pick a location near you to get pre-approved.

Find a house

Step three
This is the fun part. Need to find a Realtor first?

Sign +

Step four

We'll walk you through the entire loan process. After you sign + close on your home, share the love!

Nicest People

I have to say that Thomas Rosciano is one of the nicest people I’ve ever dealt with. Extremely knowledgeable in the mortgage business. Very patient with his clients. I would not hesitate to use Revolution Mortgage with Thomas.

Susan Davis | Cary, NC
She Make it So Easy

I’ve worked with April Roberts to refinance my mortgage twice over the last 8 years and she is just the best. She’s knowledgeable, kind, quick, and professional. Most of all – she makes it so easy, explaining the paperwork and simplifying the process. I recommend her to all my friends.

Bart Hubbard | Cary, NC

April and her team were amazing! Easiest refi ever. I will always use them for mortgages !

Unknown | Cary, NC