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Let's make moves

Let's make moves

Be different

We want to create a collaborative and meaningful lending experience for you. We’re going to revolutionize the industry standards and give you a different kind of experience you’ll love.

That's how we're making moves.

We’ll walk you through each step and we promise, you’ll love it.

Revolution Mortgage Home

How to buy a home

1 Apply

We'll take a peek at your profile and let you know what type of loan you qualify for.

2 Pre-approval

We'll provide a pre-approval letter that shows exactly how much you're approved to borrow.

3 Search

Find an expert realtor to set you up on an MLS search, take you to showings and when you're ready, they can draft up your offer.

4 Sign & close

Once you're in contract, we'll walk you through the loan process until your loan is cleared to close and ready to sign all the paper work for your new home!

for a

Step one
Buying or refinancing your home? Choose an option and get a quote.
Albert Oluwole, NMLS 1495528
Atlanta, GA
Matthew Graiger, NMLS 2274507
Charlotte, NC
Ken Ejomarie, NMLS 1945642
Atlanta, GA
Amanda Byrum, NMLS 505132
Charlotte, NC
Cheryl R. Smith, NMLS 940375
Charlotte, NC
Steven J Lewis, NMLS 1427436
Charlotte, NC
Laura Goodman, NMLS 1840532
Charlotte, NC
Judi Melton, NMLS 2178010
Charlotte, NC
Coletta Daniels, NMLS 2124752
Charlotte, NC
Sofia Guglielmone, NMLS 2136886
Charlotte, NC
Joanna Byrum, NMLS 2052077
Charlotte, NC
Alaina Panko, NMLS 1997196
Charlotte, NC
Brian Wrasman, NMLS 2055517
Charlotte, NC
Chuda Dhimal, NMLS 1969451
Charlotte, NC
Christopher Day, NMLS 589379
Charlotte, NC


Step two
Find a loan officer or pick a location near you to get pre-approved.

Find a house

Step three
This is the fun part. Need to find a Realtor first?

Sign +

Step four

We'll walk you through the entire loan process. After you sign + close on your home, share the love!

Confidence and Trust

I highly recommend Matthew and LaTrenee Lake -Nestor as your realtor for their professionalism, hard work and dedication. During the 5 months while our home was being built they also kept open communication with our realtor in NY in selling our previous home to make sure things ran smoothly. When my husband and I felt like it was too overwhelming for us they gave us the confidence to trust in the process. They took the time to walk us through each process and made sure we understood everything. When they thought we will run into any obstacles they were ready with a resolution to overcome it. I can say they were there for us from beginning to end and I am so very happy that we chose them. We now have our beautiful forever home. Thank you Matt and LaTrenee for all you have done. You will forever be blessed.

Monique Saunders | Charlotte, NC

Alaina and Chris are the A-Team!!! If you want good customer service and someone you can trust, use Revolution Mortgage!

Alexandria Anneheim | Charlotte, NC
Quick & Efficient

Quick & efficient in refinancing my existing home loan … got me a better than expected new loan rate and that will save me a lot in the future.

Thomas Kehoe | Charlotte, NC
Informative, prompt, and thorough

I called on Revolution Mortgage to refinance our home. I worked with Matthew and so thankful for all his help & information. His Customer service was outstanding. He was informative, prompt, and thorough. I always was able to get him on the phone. Matthew assisted me with every question I had with this process.
Thank you for assisting me & my family Matthew

Will M | Charlotte, NC
He made the process enjoyable

Chris was wonderful to work with. He always returned my calls within hours if not minutes of me reaching out to him with questions. I always knew I could trust him. He spoke with authenticity and expertise about the refinance process and why it would be good for our family. Chris’s team also exhibited the same qualities of professionalism, courtesy and integrity. You can trust Chris with one of the largest assets in your life, Your HOME!

He made the process enjoyable. Now we are reaping the benefits!

John Farlik | Charlotte, NC
Chris Day is great to work with

Chris Day is great to work with. He’s very experienced and made our home closing process very smooth. It’s easy to get ahold of him and is quick to respond to any question you may have. The online platform is easy to review, upload, and sign documents. We would definitely consider working with Chris again.

Jack Wentzloff | Charlotte, NC