We offer a range of loans customized to fit a variety of needs. To get started, choose the option below that most closely applies to you.
1I have my down payment
Conventional loans differ from FHA or VA loans in that they’re not backed by the federal government. Guidelines for these loans aren’t as stringent, meaning lenders can be more flexible in the approval process. Typically, down payments are between 3 and 20%. They can be either fixed or adjustable rates.
2I am a military veteran
VA loans are available to eligible veterans. They are guaranteed by the federal government to a maximum of $121,087.50 which means the most you can borrow is $484,350. These loans are flexible, require no down payment (100% financing) and are applicable to buyers purchasing single-family homes, condos, modular housing, some multi-unit properties and others.
3My credit might need some work
FHA loans are ideal for those with little credit or lower credit scores. Even if you’ve had a recent bankruptcy or foreclosure in your history, you still may get approved. Typically, these loans only require 3.5% down. They are available for purchasing single-family homes, condos, multi-unit properties, and manufactured homes.
4I need a lower down payment
We offer down payment programs and additional grants to help you get into your new home. You will want to contact one of our seasoned mortgage professionals to discuss your available options.
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